Occupancy Maximum room occupancy is listed for each room, do not book more. All guests must register. Unregistered guests/or more than maximum occupancy violates State and Federal fire code and will result in guests asked to leave without refund. Babies may not apply depending on room size, but must be registered, check with Front Desk.


Breakfast:  Please note: Breakfast is not included with your room except at the Cannon Beach Hotel and The Courtyard. Breakfast for rooms at the Cannon Beach Hotel and The Courtyard is served in the Cannon Beach Café, 8 to 10 A.M. Guests from other properties may purchase breakfast if seating is available, no children please, reservations required. Book a minimum of one day in advance, please call Front Desk.


Cancellations: Each reservation is both important and special to us. Rooms are specifically assigned and held for you at the time of reservation. Cancellations are only accepted by phone, a $30 service fee applies: call 503-436-1392. For a deposit refund: Off season, cancel seven (7) days or more prior to arrival date (October 1 through June 14). Summer/Season, cancel two weeks (14 days) or more prior to arrival (June 15th through September 30). Cancellations within seven (7) day or fourteen (14) day period and/or early departures are not refundable. Full payment is due six days prior to arrival, payment confirmation is sent by email.


Rates:  are based on double occupancy, do not include 8% city and 1% state tax. Summer season and weekends: two-night minimum. Discounted rates: not available high season, holidays, holiday weekends, or school breaks.


Reservations, Deposits, Payments:  Deposits required at time of reservation and hold rooms regardless of circumstance. Up to seven (7) days: one (1) night deposit. Eight (8) to fourteen (14) days: three (3) nights deposit. Room balance due six (6) days prior to arrival. Reservation made within seven (7) days of arrival date will be charged in full and refunds not available.


Extra Person:  Extra people over 12 years old over basic double occupancy: $15 per person per night.


Rollaway:  Rollaway beds are not available.


Keys:  We use old-fashioned keys, please return keys to Front Desk at check-out. Locks are replaced when keys are lost. A $50 lock replacement fee is charged for each key not returned within 3 days.


Children:  Twelve and under free, except at the Cannon Beach Hotel, a boutique bed and breakfast, suitable for for ages 16 and older, and at The Courtyard, no children under 12 -- no exceptions please.


Housekeeping Rooms Equipped kitchen rooms are "housekeeping units", this type of accommodation requires kitchens to be left clean and in the condition found upon arrival. If it is not possible, we ask that you kindly accept a $10.00 cleaning fee. To avoid this charge, please take advantage of cleaning supplies provided. Kitchens are inventoried after check out, guests are responsible for missing or damaged items, thank you for understanding. All the food amenities and supplies are complimentary and refreshed daily.


Smoking We are non-smoking, inside and out. Smoking in a room: $500 cleaning fee and guest asked to leave without a refund. Please smoke 10 feet or more from buildings.


Pet Friendly:  We welcome pets at the McBee Cottages and Hearthstone Inn. Pet Rates Year Round: $15 per pet, per stay. Maximum TWO (2) pets per room. Pet amenities at check-in. Failure to register pets in pet-friendly or found in pet-free rooms subject to $150 fine and guests asked to leave without refund. Rules: pets must be quiet, leashed, picked up after -- pet station available. Pets cannot be left unattended in rooms or cars in parking lot. Pets not allowed on furniture without protection. Rooms with unattended pets will not be serviced.


Groups and Events:  Group events must be preapproved. Rental of all rooms may be required and/or additional fees may apply. Alcoholic beverages may require permit/additional insurance. Tents, and/or other equipment such as chairs, tables, cooking equipment must be prearranged. Parking for attendees who are not guests is not allowed.


Damages:  Guests are responsible for damages to their room and/or Company property during their stay. The Company reserves the right to charge the credit card on file for damages caused by the registered guest, members of their party, or their pets. Damages include, but are not limited to unregistered pets, pet damage, smoking, extra cleaning fees, lost key fees, missing items, or property damage at full replacement cost. Guests are notified in writing immediately.


All policies and fees are subject to change without notice. Credit cards on file are required. By making your reservation you have acknowledged and accepted these policies.

Thank you for choosing Cannon Beach Hotel Lodgings!

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